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Violation report

Violation report card at the University of Silesia in Katowice

In order to submit a report, fill out the form below, enter the verification code displayed in the image at the bottom of the form and then press the "send" button.

We encourage you to prepare the content to be placed on the form in advance, so that it can be completed in a few minutes.

1. Reporting person’s information

2. Victim’s information (complete if reporting in the interest of a third party)

3. Has the report been consulted with the victim?

4. The entity whose act or omission the report concerns

5. Description of the reported violation
please indicate whether the violations took place on the premises of the University, if so, where exactly, please specify the dates of the events. If the violation concerns a long-term situation, please specify the starting period and the ending period, unless the situation is still ongoing.

6. Evidence of the violation, if known to you

7. Has the violation been previously reported?

8. Additional information on reported violations

Verification code
The role of the verification code is to make it difficult to fill in the form in an automated manner by computer programmes. Please enter the code from the picture into the form field below. In case the image is illegible, clicking on it will generate a new string of characters.